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Entry #9

I'm going to start keeping a daily log here I think...

2017-08-06 22:57:08 by PH4NT0M117

NG was always my place.  I want a reason to use it again.

Today was busy.  Between farm work and some debug stuff plus being terribly tired.  Been tired lately...  Maybe diet change?

Been stuck into games again...  Took a forced break for a while and started biking.  I live on top of a hill thats a few hundred meters tall so to go to town I have to walk up the huge hill.  The town is more in whats left of the greater northern river valley so its a pain to go anywhere really.

Been into rust.  Its a pain because I had to patch EAC on my first day, but after that I've had fun with it.  Been in TF2 like crazy too, so its bouncing between them.

Not much else to note.


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