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lright.... So....

2011-05-29 11:10:54 by PH4NT0M117

Since I've been back I've been trying to think of some art to do for the site. I a;ready have a sh*t load to post but then I have to spend a few hours at a scanner at my grandma's house and for all I know that piece of crap will explode, but that's beside the point. I need some more ideas for some art. Kinda done with Sarume, like forever, so don't bother asking for any with her. I might if you have something to encourage me with, but... otherwise no. Still doing sonic stuff, but not on my alt acc, staying on this one, I think, so go at it. Launch sh*t at me. INSPIRE ME DAMMIT....

hell i might leave the site. i am trying to please my frnds as best i can, but they aremad at me for my art. I keep tryin to change it, but i can't, so im leaving. you can reach me at you tube as airgunner117

ph4nt0m out

to DJkillswitch

2010-08-28 00:59:40 by PH4NT0M117

if you want to, i can teach u to scratch.

also my other account is amyrosefan117

(no topic)

2010-08-26 17:26:04 by PH4NT0M117

just write something

the story of sarume

2010-08-04 09:59:54 by PH4NT0M117

im going to make a background of sarmes life, care to help?

the story of sarume

so throw the comments at me!!

im taking requests for sarume art!


2010-08-02 11:36:20 by PH4NT0M117

Give me some ideas for art, and ill do it