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NG was always my place.  I want a reason to use it again.

Today was busy.  Between farm work and some debug stuff plus being terribly tired.  Been tired lately...  Maybe diet change?

Been stuck into games again...  Took a forced break for a while and started biking.  I live on top of a hill thats a few hundred meters tall so to go to town I have to walk up the huge hill.  The town is more in whats left of the greater northern river valley so its a pain to go anywhere really.

Been into rust.  Its a pain because I had to patch EAC on my first day, but after that I've had fun with it.  Been in TF2 like crazy too, so its bouncing between them.

Not much else to note.

I guess I'm alive

2017-08-02 01:51:21 by PH4NT0M117

lel does anyone look at these anymore.

lright.... So....

2011-05-29 11:10:54 by PH4NT0M117

Since I've been back I've been trying to think of some art to do for the site. I a;ready have a sh*t load to post but then I have to spend a few hours at a scanner at my grandma's house and for all I know that piece of crap will explode, but that's beside the point. I need some more ideas for some art. Kinda done with Sarume, like forever, so don't bother asking for any with her. I might if you have something to encourage me with, but... otherwise no. Still doing sonic stuff, but not on my alt acc, staying on this one, I think, so go at it. Launch sh*t at me. INSPIRE ME DAMMIT....

hell i might leave the site. i am trying to please my frnds as best i can, but they aremad at me for my art. I keep tryin to change it, but i can't, so im leaving. you can reach me at you tube as airgunner117

ph4nt0m out

to DJkillswitch

2010-08-28 00:59:40 by PH4NT0M117

if you want to, i can teach u to scratch.

also my other account is amyrosefan117

(no topic)

2010-08-26 17:26:04 by PH4NT0M117

just write something

the story of sarume

2010-08-04 09:59:54 by PH4NT0M117

im going to make a background of sarmes life, care to help?

the story of sarume

so throw the comments at me!!

im taking requests for sarume art!


2010-08-02 11:36:20 by PH4NT0M117

Give me some ideas for art, and ill do it